International Executive MBA (MBA, Berufsbegleitend)

Typ Master of Business Administration
Universität St. Gallen
Universität St. Gallen
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Studienform Berufsbegleitend
Schwerpunkt Business Administration
Studienbeginn Juni
Dauer 18 Monate
Kosten 76.000,00€
Sprache Englisch
Benötigte Berufserfahrung 5 Jahre
Ort St. Gallen

Universität St. Gallen / International Executive MBA im Detail

The IEMBA HSG provides a solid foundation in General Management, combined with a focus on International Business, Personal Development and Sustainability. Participants come from different countries, educational and cultural backgrounds and have diverse industry profiles and roles. By combining their broad portfolio of experiences and knowledge, a unique learning environment can be created for each individual participant. After completion of the IEMBA HSG, graduates will join the international and closely networked community of managers as alumni of the HSG, holding the title “Executive MBA HSG”.

IEMBA Program Structure

The International Executive MBA program consists of eight modules which take place every ten weeks. Each module lasts nine days, which provides enough time to create a true learning experience on campus but also ensures that students do not have to spend too much time away from work. The program provides a solid foundation in General Management combined with a focus on International Business, Personal Development and Sustainability.


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